What is Reiki

Jiko Romania ReikiReiki is a healing method developed by Mikao Usui in Japan at the beginning of the twentieth century, as a result of his research, experience and dedication.

Reiki is a natural healing energy that works on every level, not only on a physical one, but also on an emotional, psychological and spiritual layer, helping regain balance and the natural self-healing force of the body.

Its noticeable effects and the numerous medical studies determined more and more hospitals and clinics all over the world (74 only in the US), but also surgery departments, oncology or rehabilitation and support centers (public or private) to introduce Reiki therapy along the classical medical procedures. It started to be regarded as a standard procedure for improving the general health condition of the patients in the case of minor illnesses, but also before and after surgeries, or for keeping under control and improving those conditions caused by severe disease such as cancer and AIDS.

Reiki energy can be easily adapted to any ailment and can safely be applied, no matter the age, to new born babies, elderly people, and pregnant women, people who went through surgery or disabled individuals.
Reiki helps improve the day to day life, and a regular support and balance Reiki program facilitates the development and preservation of a general state of wellbeing.

Conditions and results

Jiko Romania ReikiReiki has a positive effect in all types of conditions. Reiki therapy has a beneficial impact on minor pathologies such as headaches or stomachaches, flu and cold, blood pressure irregularities or anxiety, but also when it comes to more serious illnesses such as heart related conditions, cancer, metabolism imbalances etc.

The negative effects of medical treatments, including chemotherapy, post-operative ailments and depression are alleviated or eliminated. Some patients have claimed to be fully cured, condition confirmed by the medical tests they had undergone before and after experiencing the Reiki treatment. The most common and often encountered effect refers to a general improvement of the psycho-emotional and physical state.

Reiki is safe and does not interfere with any kind of allopathic remedy, more than that – if you are undergoing a certain medical treatment, it will give you the feeling you have less and less need of that. We ask you to please address to your doctor for any change you would like to bring to the remedy he has prescribed.

General effects

• Reduction of stress and stress related conditions
• Relaxation
• Pain management
• Relief from anxiety
• Depression reduction
• A better sleep
• Improved digestion
• Enhanced well-being
• Stronger self-esteem
• Diminishes the need for tobacco and alcohol
• Accelerated surgical recovery
• Reduces the side effects of radiations and chemotherapy
• Improves social relations
• Heightened intuition

Health conditions

• Heart disease
• Conditions and traumas of the muscular and bone systems
• Conditions of the reproductive system
• Breathing problems
• Neurovegetative disorders
• Emotional conditions, mild psychosis, anxiety and depression
• Chronic ailments
• Infertility
• Autism, developmental delays, ADHD
• Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s Disease
• Chronic fatigue syndromes
• Cancer

Reiki therapy session

Jiko Romania ReikiEvery Reiki session is specially adapted to the needs of each individual patient.
During the session you will lay fully dressed on a massage table, in a comfortable position, while the practitioner will gently place his or her hands on or above your body.

Reiki is not some kind of massage or a body manipulation technique and does not place any diagnosis. Most patients will feel some effects immediately after the first session, and these will intensify during the next ones.
During the treatment, you may or may not feel light sensations such as: warmth or cold in certain parts of the body, the feeling of energy flowing through the body, tingling, floating sensation etc.

Even if a single Reiki session can be efficient, you will get a maximum benefit by undergoing a series of sessions that might take place during couple of weeks or more, depending on the specific problems of each patient.
We will agree upon the treatment together with you and revised every time necessary, taking into account the progress of your health condition.


KOMYO REIKI – The Great Light Reiki is a method to attain personal perfection.

Jiko Romania Reiki

Reverend Hyakuten Inamoto says that the ultimate goal of Reiki is to achieve “DAI AN SHIN” or the stage of spirit at total peace, free from worry. DAI means great, immutable, AN SHIN designates the inner peace (AN) of the heart/spirit (SHIN), the feeling of safety.

KOMYO REIKI integrates the sacred symbols (shirashi) transmitted by Dr. Hayashi, their specific names (meisho) born from the USIKI REIKI RYOHO GAKKAI (the association founded by SOKE Mikao Usui), their mantras (juman), as well as the most correct means of connection. To them. This transmission is mainly based on the training of a student of Hayashi, Mrs. CHIYOKO YAMAGUCHI (who died on 20.08.2003, aged 83).

Yamaguchi-san studied with Dr. Hayashi from 1938 to 1940 the first 2 grades: SHODEN, CHUDEN, and the degree of SHIDAN (teacher) with one of his uncles, Wasaburo Sugano, a student of Hayashi-san, who gave her the title of master.

Reverend Hyakuten Inamoto-sensei, a Buddhist monk of the sect Pure Earth (Jodo-Shu) studied with Mrs. Yamaguchi the entire year 1997. He was the first student of Yamaguchi-san, who taught him the initiation ritual (reiju). But, when he demanded the right to profess, the son of the teacher, Tadao Yamaguchi-san objected, saying that he is the only one who has the right to teach his mother’s school.

As a result, Hyakuten-sensei also took over the system transmitted by his friend Hiroshi Doi-sensei, who was the SOKE of the GENDAI REIKI HO school, creating his own KOMYO REIKI school, which trains in 4 levels: SHODEN, CHUDEN, OKUDEN and SHINPIDEN.

Jiko Romania Reiki

The lineage of this system is:

Jiko Romania Reiki

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