What is Reflexology?

Jiko Romania ReflexoterapieReflexology is a relaxing and energizing treatment working on multiple levels, harmonizing, relaxing and reinvigorating the whole body.

Reflexology is based on the principle that stress and congestion on the hands and feet reflects and corresponds to specific anatomical structures of the body. Unblocking, relaxing and stimulating these areas will stimulate the body’s natural balance.

Unlike acupuncture, which uses needles, reflexology uses deep pressure on specific points to relieve the tensions and congestions accumulated in the energetic and circulatory systems.

Reflexology has a powerful detox effect on the body by eliminating toxic deposits, so that the oxygen and nutrients circulation is improved. The result is that the body functions are restored, in a natural way, to their normal state of efficiency.
According to clinical studies* reflexology is efficient in 93% for 78 physical and mental conditions, the results being directly influenced by the frequency and duration of treatments.


Conditions and Effects

Jiko Romania ReflexologyThe feet is a mirror for the entire body, because the nerves corresponding to the various organs and anatomical structures are ending here. That’s why the Reflexology can alleviate a wide range of disorders.

The reflexology treats the entire body, not only the disorder symptoms, so many people are benefiting from this technique, regaining and maintaining their health.

• Reduces stress and tensions
• Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
• Reduces and eliminates toxins
• Improves immunity
• Invigorates and energizes the entire body
• Stimulates postoperative recovery
• Enhances the effects of medical treatments
• Complements the treatment for major diseases, cancer
• Facilitates prenatal, childbirth and postnatal recovery
• Joint pains, osteoarthritis, arthritis
• Back pains, sciatica, discopathy
• Neck pains
• Neuropathy
• Migraines
• Allergies
• Hepatitis
• Symptoms related to menopause
• Disorders of the digestive tract
• Respiratory disorders
• Sleep Disorders
• Sinusitis
• Diseases of the central nervous system
• Muscle atrophy
• High cholesterol disorders
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Kidney and bladder disorders

The Reflexology session

Jiko Romania ReflexologyDuring the Reflexology session you will be comfortably laid down on the massage table while the therapist will identify through massage the congested areas on the feet and hands.

The Reflexology session is usually pleasant and relaxing, but sometimes mild discomfort can be felt, indicating congestions or imbalances in the body. The pressure applied must correspond to the patient’s personal comfort level, so communication with the therapist is essential.

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