What is Quantum Therapy

The Quantum Therapy is a very powerful and efficient energetic therapy technique, where the practitioner employs different breathing and concentration methods in order to increase the flow of the vital energy. The energy is guided through with the help of light touches applied with the hands or fingertips, on certain areas of the patient’s body.
It can result in a number of remarkable outputs which applied to a large variety of illnesses, produce surprising and extraordinary effects.

The Quantum Therapy can be used to balance the energy system, release pain and, moreover, to realign the bone structure and body posture to its natural state, reducing the posture irregularities of the spine and pelvis, or other organic and structural ailments.

The Quantum Therapy relies on the body’s natural ‘intelligence’ and extraordinary ability to heal itself, and acts on the ground root that causes the disease, while simultaneously creating an environment beneficial for a rapid regain of health and balance.

The ground principle of the Quantum Therapy speaks about the patient as being the one who catalyzes the healing, who is self-healing. The practitioner, using special techniques, only creates a high vibrational energetic field, to which the patient connects. “The natural forces within ourselves are the true healers of the disease” used to say Hippocrates – the father of medicine.

Conditions and Effects

The Quantum Therapy does not focus on certain symptoms and diseases, but more on the natural healing power of the body, by creating the best conditions for this to take place.

The Quantum Therapy can bring rapid changes in some older structural issues and it can treat a very wide range of ailments not only physical, but also psycho-emotional in nature.
There can be obtained different levels of improvements with regard to reducing pain, nervous system imbalances, ailments of different organs, infections, healing trauma or burn injuries, panic attacks, and many other.

Besides the realignment of the bone structure, which can occur spontaneously or within couple of hours, the Quantum Therapy helps accelerating any healing process – the pain and swellings are reduced, while organs, anatomical systems or glands, regain their natural balance.

The Quantum Therapy Session

The Quantum Therapy session takes place with the patient laying down on the table, without being necessary for him to remove his clothes, or with having the patient standing, so that the practitioner could better reach the focus areas.

Communicating with the practitioner is an essential part of the session and you can be asked to describe the sensations you feel during the treatment. These sensations can involve swinging, the need to stretch, the transfer of ailments to other areas than the ones they were initially felt in, light vertigo etc. and can represent valuable hints in reaching the desired result.

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