Dr. Laurian Traian Arghisan

Director of the Diagnosis and Treatment center “Victor Babes”:

“The word that could best describe Gabi Dutchevici is hope. He gave back hope and healed people for which the methods of the scientific medicine came to a dead-end. Reiki Master, Physiotherapist, Shiatsu expert and martial arts master, Gabriel Dutchevici managed to solve cases that seemed unsolvable.”

Adina Gorita


Gabriel Dutchevici’s approach towards his job is passionate and professional. He always manages to establish an instant contact and an efficient communication with his patients.”

Toni Grecu


Gabriel Dutchevici, a man, a room, a massage. Professional, sober, superior. Gabriel Dutchevici was the first to show me how to correctly perform an abdominal exercise. The rest was all up to me. The special meridian oriented massage remained though the greatest mystery. After you go through it, you feel better! And it’s all gone! You must come to him to get to know him. That’s what I do.”

Elena Lasconi


“Without him, we would be having an uglier world, because the pain, the sufferance inevitably leads to ugliness and hatred. He is not just the healer, he is the man that makes you regain your confidence, trust in others and above all, in God. It’s a blessing he exists, but not a coincidence.”

Col. Parvu Nicolae

Clubul Sportiv Dinamo Bucuresti

Gabriel Dutchevici is the man we reach out to in extreme situations, when the medicine provides no solutions. What can be more of a miracle and at the same time real, for a father whose daughter gets healed from something about which the doctors don’t know what to think? The Reiki he practices with professionalism and gift from God, makes wonders. I thank him from the bottom of my heart; wish him good health, strength to work and to keep it up.”

Dr. Olaru Silvia-Delia

Associate Professor A.S.E.

“If you have a health problem and you come to Gabi, you can consider yourself cured. Cristi got a severe sprain while playing basketball. After a week of having his foot in a plaster cast, it was just as swollen and bruised as before that. After three treatment sessions with Gabi, the leg was not swollen any more, and after a week, Cristi could start his training again without having any problems.”

Ioan T. Morar


“Because I am a rational person, I don’t believe in witchcraft, magic, fortune telling and any other type of such nonsense that populate our newspapers and TVs today.
I don’t believe the true or fake daughters of Mama Omida can be taken seriously, or that God knows what chanting can heal or rescue you. Let’s get real!
Having this attitude of skepticism and disbelief, I must tell you I had a miraculous experience. By touching some points and using some Reiki techniques, I felt my whole body being filled by a yellow light and I get free from all the worries of the day. After I got up, I felt I was floating, but I was still suspicious; I had the feeling I was under the influence of some Placebo effect. But the same thing happened the next time as well… I can say that now I have a less mistrustful perspective of the whole range of energetic transfers, bio field readers, especially after my wife got some serious health problems fixed. Of course there is a lot of imposture in this area and it is wise for the patients to do some research about the people they trust their body to. This is also the reason for which you must contact the few true masters of this field of energetic re-balance. And Gabriel Dutchevici is the most genuine I know.”

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