Therapeutic massage

Jiko Romania Masaj terapeuticThe research and clinical studies conducted on this topic, show that the massage is useful not only for relaxation purposes, but it can have positive and long lasting effects that influence the general state of health and your lifestyle.

The therapeutic massage frees the body of the accumulated day to day stress, reduces the muscular pain, helps set you free of the imbalances caused by different illnesses and simply balances the mind and the body, keeping the body in a good shape and enhancing a positive attitude.

The therapeutic massage aims not only to increase your relaxation level, but it has proved to be very efficient in increasing the oxygen level in your blood, in eliminating the muscular toxins, it improves the blood circulation, articular flexibility and it reduces different physical tensions.
It also has positive effects over the immunity and nervous systems, by stimulating the endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin production and by lowering the level of the stress hormones.

Conditions and Effects

Even if a single massage session has very good effects on your health, the therapeutic massage is cumulative, thus a massage program done regularly would help maintian and enhance your health state on a long term.
• Releases stress and anxiety
• Encourages relaxation
• Helps in pain management
• Improves flexibility
• Relaxes the muscles
• Regulates the blood pressure

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