Martial arts

Hakko Ryu

Is there any connection between medicine and the martial arts? The answer is YES!
Yes, because the traditional martial arts first teach you how to revive (Kuatsu) and treat, and only after how to restrain or defeat your opponent.
All martial arts masters blend the manual therapy with combat techniques, because movement is Life.
Hakko Ryu Jujutsu is the only school in the world that focuses on three inter-blending areas…
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The spirit forges the blade, the blade forges the spirit
I started studying the katana techniques back in 1997, using in my daily practice a sword crafted by one of my students from a steel blade. Back then, it was aterrific weapon and which I used to execute hundreds of hits every day. I was practicing IttoRyu – ‘the school of a single sword’…
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Thoughts about Martial Arts
What I like the most about Aiki-Jitsu (Hapkido, Hakko Ryu) is its tactical potential. It offers the practitioner (essentially unique) numerous technical possibilities…
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