What is Lama Fera

Jiko Romania Lama FeraLama Fera is a very powerful healing technique, used by the Buddhist monks in the Himalayas for centuries, but unraveled to Western world only in the early 90’. This technique is employed for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Unlike other energetic techniques, Lama Fera does not imply touching the patient, and the session follows a precise ritual.

Lama Fera is very efficient in cleansing the energetic system of the patient of all the low vibrations and attracting the positive ones instead.

Conditions and Effects

Lama Fera is an extremely efficient healing technique especially for the psychological problems one faces. It is being used for eliminating the pressure of negative thoughts and increasing the vital energy, thus having a most profound effect on the healing process of any ailment.
• It eliminates pain and the discomfort of chronic disease
• Balances the physical, mental and emotional energy
• Drives away fear, pessimism, anxiety, phobias
• Eliminates the stress and mental tensions
• Can improve memory and focus ability
• Helps reconnect to the Higher Being
• Helps drive away negativity
• Brings a good night sleep, without any nightmares
• Helps overcome the suffering caused by emotional traumas
• Brings back the self-confidence, inner peace

The Lama Fera Session

During the Lama Fera session, you will be asked to lay comfortably on the table and to try to relax on both physical and mental level.

The practitioner will go through a series of techniques, employing some specific therapeutic objects, but without touching you at all.
The state of profound relaxation, comforting, relief and inner enlightenment feeling are the most frequent sensations described by our patients during this treatment.hr /

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