Is there any connection between medicine and the martial arts? The answer is YES!
Yes, because the traditional martial arts first teach you how to revive (Kuatsu) and treat, and only after how to restrain or defeat your opponent.
All martial arts masters blend the manual therapy with combat techniques, because movement is Life.
Hakko Ryu Jujutsu is the only school in the world that focuses on three inter-blending areas, one without the other being like a person who misses a limb. The three areas are: Yawara – combat technique, Koho Shiatsu – Imperial Shiatsu Method and Koho Goshin Taiso – Imperial Method of internal balance through 12 body postures.

Hakko Ryu

Hakko Ryu is an unique Japanese self-defense system, which blends medical, scientific and psychological elements into one exceptional art form.

The School of the Eighth Light

by Gabriel Dutchevici

Hakko Ryu is that martial art of suppleness, elegance, inner and outer balance, of setting all energies in motion, to benefit us – the people, the ones that wish to live truly – this is why I believe that Soke Ryuho Okuyama wanted to become part of it.

We know that the translation of the school name means “the eighth light” – referring to the ultraviolet light stretched towards the unification with the Supreme Being through love and devotion, through the self-discipline of the spirit, emotions, will, therefore the balance of our inner spiritual Self, that helps us look inside ourselves from multiple perspectives.

The flame of the candle does not tremble where there is no wind. This should also apply to a Hakko Ryu practitioner, who controls his mind, body and inner energy, being completely absorbed by the spirit within. Only then he will get to know eternal happiness, which is beyond the reach of gross senses and the motivation of his reason. He will grow roots in this new reality that unveils before him, for he has found the most priced treasure of them all.

From my point of view, it doesn’t matter which is the art you use to reach this reality, but to reach it in the first place, to free ourselves of any contact with the pain and remorse, but also away from exaltation.
“The true privilege is only the work itself and not the fruits of this labor” says the closely related Yoga.

When the senses are calm and the mind is at rest, when the waves of our intellect halt their oscillation, then the highest level is reached. I can call this permanent control between the mind and the body and vice versa – Hakko Ryu, the traditional imperial Japanese school.
Therefore, to put it briefly, this is the method through which our unrestrained mind is being brought to rest and the energy is used in a more constructive manner.

Hakko Ryu means applying the universal laws of life, illustrated by a martial art. If you will be able to identify these laws, then you will give a new expression to your life, which can’t be reduced to a simple technique or a set of methods and you’ll be able to walk on the AIKI path or the path of universal energies. And since we are talking about the universal laws of life, we must take into account here, besides the physical and psychological elements, also the spiritual nature of the man, without which he would be incomplete. In Japan, where Soke Okuyama has developed Hakko Ryu, these laws of life are expressed as a calling, performed by the three means that can be considered as fundamental in this country: Shintoism, Buddhism and Taoism.

Shintoism, the ceremony that has recently ended signifies the Divine Path or Kami No Michi – the path of the Kami.
The Kami are the essential archetypes of things. The whole reality that exists in a profound state of being has its own Kami, to which it can approach or withdraw in order to accomplish the ideal form. A tree can become a Kami, if it accomplishes its ideal form. For the Japanese, who are very much influenced by Shinto, the nature around them feels like home, like family, having the mountains as brothers, and rivers as cousins. Thinking about us – the Romanians – I would call on our great poet Eminescu, who wrote countless stanzas in which he describes the brotherhood between the Romanian man and the nature.

This therefore shows how the Shintoism is a great cosmic family, where everything is related. I would suggest focusing a bit on two key words in order to get a better understanding of the Shinto, and thus, of the Japanese spirit: purification-renewal.
These two words explain very well the profound meaning of a fundamental Hakko Ryu exercise called Goshin Taiso. This is built on the breathing of the soul, on regaining the universal energy through the energetic trajectories that it releases, while at the same time showing us that we are part of the UNIVERSE.

Hakko Ryu is the only traditional Japanese martial arts school that integrates surprisingly well the techniques and the relaxation, the connection with the nature, being the only school that tells us how to live a long life to its fullness.

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