A therapy of the Third Millenium

“THE SUB-INFORMATIONAL MATRIX” and “COSMOENI-PSYCHOLOGY” are the methods used by professor A.V.Ignatenko. These methods use as a starting point the idea that each individual is a potential genius and can reach a full 100% potential when it comes to health and eternal youth, that he can control his own destiny by acknowledging and respecting the rules of the universe.

gabi-dutchevici-terapia-veacului-3These techniques are being introduced in the Jiko Center by Mr. Dutchevici, who reached a student-master level II under the guidance of Master Ignatenko.

These therapy sessions will help you gain a positive mindset, positive speech and actions, an elevated spiritual level, enhanced intuition, active longevity and a higher intellectual level.

During the therapy sessions (even if taking place remotely), Mr. Dutchevici applies super-powerful mental programs, correcting and balancing all the body systems, on a molecular, atomic and subatomic level.

Mr. Gabriel Dutchevici is a psychoanalyst in psycho-informatology, member of the International and European Academy for Informatization and member of the Academy of Cosmohumanism.


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