New: “Everything is born from the Infinite Being.

Let go of everything – become the Being”


When you get the chance to meet a Master, who envelops you in his aura, it is an overwhelming experience. That is exactly how I felt when I hugged Jasmusheen. She is an infinite light beam, full of joyful, dancing energy. When around her, you can really feel the true meaning of love and peace. Jasmusheen permanently EXISTS in a state of grace, living through the power of the present and in the equation of pure essence.For me, to meet her was simply a blessing. It was a type of divine encounter. I have invited her to come to Bucharest next year and stay for a full week or maybe more!… She replied with a smile and I really hope it will happen. I can only wish everyone to have the chance, at least once in their lifetime, to meet Jasmuheen.


Gabriel Dutchevici



Complementary medicine center Jiko

Jiko is a complementary medicine center that provides a mix of alternative natural therapies, unique in Romania. These aim to help you regain and maintain a good physical, mental and emotional state, as well as a general improvement of the quality of your life.

The treatment methods and techniques employed here can also be used individually but, according to the particular needs of each patient, we can choose together with him an optimal mix that will lead to the desired effect.

Jiko Clinic has been established in 2004 by Gabriel Dutchevici. Since then, each month Jiko Clinic facilitates the treatment of numerous people – adults and children – that present a large variety of chronicle or acute illnesses.

Our desire is to offer you an efficient option for a noninvasive treatment and for maintaining a good medical condition, in a warm and friendly environment, while also developing and preserving the highest standard of practicing the therapies offered by Jiko Clinic.

Gabriel Dutchevici on Jiko

“The Jiko Center opened its doors eight years ago. I was inspired by an alternative medicine center in Japan. Here there were around 10-12 beds, where several practitioners were working on the more severe cases. This made the person the treatment was given to feel better in less time.
I formed a well-structured team of practitioners, each of them being a specialist in one therapy or another, but being able to perform all of them as well. The techniques applied in our office are: Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, Koho Shiatsu, Goshin Taiso, Reflexotherapy, Physiotherapy, Massage and Chinese Astrology.
When a patient brings in a certain diagnosis, based on my experience I decide which would be the best treatment plan for him, making sure to choose the most effective and appropriate techniques”.

Gabriel Jiko Dutchevici

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